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I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha).First Floating Rate Treasury Bond ETFs Hit the Market - ETF News And Commentary. WisdomTree Bloomberg Floating Rate.Treasury Floating-Rate Notes (FRNs) Designed To Pay Out More Interest As Market Rates Rise.

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Performance charts for iShares Floating Rate Index ETF (XFR - Type ETF) including intraday, historical and comparison charts, technical analysis and trend.The trend also has been lower over the past few years despite continual fretting in the media about higher rates.The AdvisorShares Pacific Asset Enhanced Floating Rate ETF (FLRT).

FLOT has held its value well over time since it began trading on 14 June 2011.This has led to inverted yield curves about once a decade, meaning the long (duration) end of the bond curve has lower rates than the short end of the curve.The important thing is that you decide what is important to you, and then invest accordingly.These gave investors another option in the already diverse world of bonds and led to creation of a number of new funds to take advantage of that fact.ETF Focus The Closed-End Advantage Floating-rate bank loan ETFs have had record inflows for 11 straight weeks, as investors have sought out yield and.VRP, on the other hand, has given investors solid returns, but it does not have a very long track record.

The latest addition to the fast-growing ETF lineup is a fund from State Street that will offer exposure to investment grade debt that adjusts interest.And no wonder: The funds pay a decent yield—typically about 3%, sometimes more—and.Its performance fluctuates both against itself and its peers, as the following chart shows.

The iShares Floating Rate Bond ETF (NYSEARCA: FLOT ) tracks an index of short-term corporate bonds with durations between one month and five years.However, that does not necessarily mean it should be disqualified from consideration, as it all depends upon whether the performance justifies the fees.ETF information about iShares Floating Rate Bond ETF, symbol FLOT, and other ETFs, from ETF Channel.These floating rate bonds are a good alternative to high yield corporate and junk bonds when interest rates are.It also is the highest annualized return of all the funds being considered in this article, so everything is relative.

The Guggenheim Floating Rate Strategies Fund invests primarily in bank loans and other senior secured floating rate securities.The primary reason for most investors to choose a floating rate bond over a fixed rate one is to hedge against higher interest rates.The bottom line is that this is a very complex field, with many obvious and not-so-obvious variables and risks.This ETF offers exposure to floating rate debt, an asset class that may be appealing to investors looking to minimize interest rate risk (perhaps related to concerns.Managed by Eaton Vance, a pioneer in floating-rate loans since 1989, this portfolio diversifier provides broad exposure to the floating-rate loan market.

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Annualized gain since inception is 1.19%, which is not bad at all and better than a typical bond fund.

This overview of floating rate funds was not meant to be exhaustive.Every security has specific risks that should be understood before they damage your portfolio when you least expect it.Change the date range, chart type and compare iShares Floating Rate Bond ETF against other companies.BMO Floating Rate High Yield ETF The accompanying notes are an integral part of these financial statements.This is not the place for an extended primer on bonds, preferred stock and the consequences of interest rate changes.The market has been waiting for the Fed to raise rates for years.Floating rate bonds (also known as floating rate notes or floaters).

There are many technical considerations that may cause floating-rate bonds to perform contrary to what you might expect.

Investors concerned about rising interest rates are taking a closer look at ETFs that track corporate floating rate bonds.

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